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BITMAIN Unveils ANTMINER T21 during Blockchain Life 2023

On October 25th at Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai, BITMAIN formally introduced the ANTMINER T21.

The ANTMINER T21 boasts a hash rate of 190T and an impressive energy efficiency of 19 J/T. It features automatic mode adjustment from NEM to HEM, and it’s designed to perform reliably in environments with a maximum ambient temperature of 45°C, making it ideal for the hot climates of the Middle East.

In January 2024, BITMAIN will commence the shipping of ANTMINER T21 units. Customers acquiring the ANTMINER T21 will enjoy the advantage of flexible payment options and safeguarding against market fluctuations.

Market fluctuation protection encompasses a price safeguarding period of 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months for customers who invest in the T21. If the conditions for protection are met, BITMAIN will extend a fluctuation rebate in U.S. dollars, which will be credited to the customer’s account balance and can be applied toward the purchase of BITMAIN products.

To illustrate the one-month market fluctuation protection, consider this scenario: Within the initial month after signing the T21 contract, if the average Bitcoin price drops by 90% or more compared to the contract price, BITMAIN will extend a fluctuation rebate to the customer, amounting to approximately $1.42 per terahash (T). The precise rebate sum will be determined by the actual market fluctuation rate on the contract date.

BITMAIN values the support of its customers and is dedicated to establishing a mutually advantageous, enduring, and sustainable business partnership. Together, we strive to shape a more prosperous digital world.